Terms of Use


Welcome to Lytehouse! We’ll try and get through this as quickly and as clearly as possible – no one loves all the legal jargon – but it is really important that you look through, understand and accept these terms. These are your legal rights and obligations and if you can’t agree, you’re not able to use this website and our platform, including any software or other products provided in connection with it (our “Service”). You, and any other visitors (“Users”), who access or use this website or Service, are bound by these Terms of Use. So, here we go…


  1.  You and Lytehouse. When we refer to “you”, “your” or “user” we mean you and any entity you are authorised to represent. When we refer to “Lytehouse,” “we,” or “us”, we mean the Lytehouse entity you contract with and pay fees to. It’s one of the below:


Lytehouse entity Address Registration No. Law 
Lytehouse Pte Ltd 6 RAFFLES QUAY, #11-07, SINGAPORE 048580 201938928E Singapore
Pythonpoint Pty Ltd 6758 PO BOX




2020/560324/07 South Africa