Origin Story

Lytehouse was founded on a basic human instinct; a need to protect our families, wherever they are. This simple idea evolved to become the bedrock of our company, the power of our platform and the core of our mission. We’re a global company with big ambitions in markets across South East Asia, Africa and beyond.

Coming from a family of small business owners in South Africa, our CTO, Jean, and his family were constant victims of crime. In just his lifetime, there had already been 37 instances of armed robberies, kidnappings, and bombings.

In 2018, Jean’s Dad was robbed at gunpoint while his entire security system did nothing but watch. He had 16 CCTV cameras, a panic button, alarm system and a monthly subscription to a private security, but no one came.

When the footage was finally reviewed by the police, Jean saw the moment his Dad accepted his life may end. Enough was enough.

He began coding a real-time threat detection software for CCTV that would alert security providers if his family was in trouble. He quit his job and joined an accelerator program in Singapore, where he and Natalie, our CEO, would evolve that software into Lytehouse and build a powerful team of inspiring individuals who wanted to make a difference.

We were founded on human connection, experience and a shared vision for the future. Whether preserving safety or preventing crime, we believe that with the right tools, anyone can be supercharged with the latest technology to make every home, business or neighborhood safe.

Company Details

  • Incorporated: November 2019
  • Locations: Singapore and South Africa
  • Backed by: Cocoon Capital and Entrepreneur First