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A Single Feed Unlimited Possibilities

Give your control room the superpowers of preventive and proactive monitoring. Increase your operator bandwidth and improve your quality of service with targeted threat management.

Powerful Analytics

Cutting edge models designed to scale that make real-time detection viable in any environment.

No Rip and Replace

Camera agnostic platform that optimizes existing hardware and removes setup costs

False-Alarm Filtering

Dramatically increase operator capacity with over 95% reduction in false-alarms

360 visibility to scale your business without increasing operating costs

Achieve ambitious growth by supercharging your existing manpower and technology stack with Lytehouse

Camera Health
The second a camera goes down, your site is put at risk. Know the status of every camera on your system with instant notifications and reset with a single click

Integrated Solution
Using the incredible power of collaboration with other leading security providers, we solve the hardest and most dangerous problems facing us today and in the future

One System
One Screen

Identify Detect Our Intuitive, easy-to use interface allows anyone to onboard, create rules and manage cameras in seconds.

We put you in the driver's seat with fully customisable analytics that detect over 90 different objects and critical factors like speed, rotation and direction in areas of interest
Prioritize Review Automatically track incidents across multiple cameras to improve operator capacity by over 30%.

Operators review events, add notes, and tap into live streams through one simple dashboard.
Review Action Escalating incidents has never been easier. Keep track of the events that matter in handy investigation folders where you can coordinate with your team and the client.

We understand that speed and visibility are critical in dangerous situations, so now access any site, camera or alert on the go and make key decisions from the palm of your hand with our mobile-friendly interface.
Dispatch Manage Effortlessly manage your ecosystem at scale with instant site onboarding, mass-rule creation and real-time camera health monitoring.

Our system is modular, versatile and easy to maintain because no-one knows your needs better than you do.
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