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Unlock the Full Power of Your CCTV Cameras With Video Intelligence

Lytehouse is engineered to transform your existing security infrastructure into a robust, real-time intelligence powerhouse. Our platform seamlessly integrates with any CCTV installation to provide enhanced visibility and rapid response.

Unlimited Rule Creation

More than False-Alarm Filtering




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Give Your Operations The Edge

Up to 10x Increase
in Operator Efficiency
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Up to 15x Reduction
in Bandwidth Usage
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Up to 99% Reduction
in False Alarms
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We recognize that the stakes are high when it comes to safeguarding people, assets, and information. Lytehouse brings to the table a suite of powerful features that provide a proactive and intelligent approach to enhancing your existing security infrastructure and operations without the hefty price tag or complex setups.

Precision Alerts with Powerful Video Analytics

Overwhelming generic alerts can lead to critical oversight. Our advanced video analytics cut through the noise, highlighting only genuine threats to ensure prompt and appropriate security responses.

1. Smart Feed - Alert
2- Actionable Smart Report
Actionable Smart Reports

Identify, manage and adjust poorly performing cameras and operators. Our smart reports highlight outlier cameras, operator performance and inefficiencies, and granular detection data, allowing you to fine-tune your operations and maximise your ROI.

Customized Security with Intelligent Rule Creation

One-size-fits-all security settings can’t address specific site needs. Our custom rule engine allows for tailored detections without technical knowhow, giving you control to fine-tune alerts according to the unique demands of your site.

3 - .Customized Security with Intelligent Rule Creation
4 -Unified Dashboard
Unified Dashboard

Bring disparate camera brands and models under one unified management dashboard in Lytehouse or your existing VMS/PSIM to reduce operational complexity and double camera onboarding.

Seamless Integration

Streamline your security infrastructure with Lytehouse’s seamless integration capabilities. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple camera brands and models.

Powerful Video Analytics

Nuisance alarms directly impact your bottom line. Our analytics engine gives you the tools to layer multiple advanced rules, detection zones and timeframes on the same feed so you can adapt quickly to the unique risks of each site.

Proactive Site Health & Virtual Patrol

Ensure the well-being of your security infrastructure with Lytehouse’s proactive site health monitoring and virtual patrol capabilities.

No Rip And Replace

Lytehouse Works With Any Camera



Your Security Powerhouse: All in One Place

Our intuitive, easy-to-use interface allows anyone to onboard, create rules, and manage cameras in seconds.

We put you in the driver's seat with fully customisable analytics that detect over 90 different objects and critical factors like speed, rotation and direction in areas of interest.


Your Trusted Partner


What Our Clients are Saying

Lytehouse has been an invaluable partner to Regal Distributors SA (Pty) Ltd, showing a steadfast dedication to excellence in product quality and customer service. Their AI software solutions have greatly benefited our clients, providing robust functionality, intuitive interfaces, and seamless integration. Additionally, Lytehouse's commitment to making South Africa's markets safer is integral to their business ethos.

Michael Collier Head of Product Management
Regal Distributors SA (Pty) Ltd

When it comes to specialised solutions, Lytehouse deliver! Their customer-centric approach is THE standard. The Lytehouse management and development team are proactive and forward-thinking, giving us peace of mind knowing that we can trust their solution to consistently deliver results – 24/7/365.

Simon Becker Group Technical Director

Lytehouse delivers precision in surveillance analytics and excellence in reporting. Their detailed insights and ease-of-use has streamlined our control room operations and allow us to provide powerful, customised security solutions to our customers. It's a perfect partnership.

Kobus van Devender Operations Manager

Reliability matters most in our line of work, and Lytehouse delivers just that. The advanced rules feature is a game-changer, making it the go-to solution for anyone serious about top-notch CCTV analytics.

Stefan Van Der Bank Managing Director
Live Site Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Partnering with Lytehouse to introduce their innovative security solutions in South Africa has been an exceptional journey. We're thrilled to bring Lytehouse's cutting-edge technology to our market, offering substantial benefits in safety and operational efficiency. Our collaboration isn't just business; it's a shared vision for a safer future. Together, we're committed to setting new benchmarks in security and achieving mutual growth and success.

Peter Stolwerk Director
Arcanum Africa Pty Ltd

Amazed by Lytehouse’s ultra-friendly user interface and the intelligence engine that brings crime prevention and detection to the highest level, without any changes in current infrastructure and equipment. We are proud to represent and partner with Lytehouse. It is indeed our privilege.

Jeremy Gn Managing Partner
Active 8 Singapore

AI, especially in the Video Analytic space, has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. I have tested many products during this time and Lytehouse has always stood up there with the best. Scalability, accuracy and most importantly a favourable commercial model, have made me use the product in various scenarios.

Rudi Potgieter Ex-Executive Head at VOX, General Manager Special Projects

Lytehouse is a hands-on and dynamic leader in the future of video surveillance and analytics, applying the very latest concepts that all companies should be considering in their surveillance infrastructure. Ace And Associates Risk Management Inc (AAA) considers Lytehouse an exciting partner in our execution of risk management and asset protection services.

Ace Esmeralda President and Managing Director
Ace And Associates Risk Management Inc (AAA)

The ability to extract actionable insights from your camera data is not just an advantage; it's a fundamental necessity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Lytehouse works with any CCTV camera that supports RTSP, this included analogue cameras with NVRse, PTZs and ANPR.

Yes, Lytehouse is cloud-based and accessed through our web app, mobile app and integrations. We have four different deployment methods to suit different bandwidth constraints and infrastructures; fully cloud, edge-based, hybrid (bring your own server) and SMTP.

We connect via the RTSP URL of the camera or NVR/DVR.

Our platform provides a suite of video analytics that allows for multiple layers of detection on your CCTV cameras, including false-alarm filtering, intruder detection, crowds, loitering, no-person detection, people counting and guardhouse management.

Lytehouse is standalone but we can also pull alerts into your VMS/PSIM.

Around 30 seconds per camera.

With audit trails, comprehensive reporting and accurate, scalable analytics, we create a better ROI on your existing infrastructure and ensure your security operations are efficient.

Lytehouse provides live streaming functionality for all deployment methods - except for SMTP.

Lytehouse is a SaaS model that allows you to transfer your active subscriptions to any camera at any time during the subscription period.


Powered By AI. Driven By Impact

The world is a dangerous place – it is also inefficient. There are cameras on almost every street corner and building, but too many of them are being used too late – after the loss or event has already occurred. When our CTO saw the footage of his father being robbed at gunpoint for the 37th time, he knew that technology could have stepped in, and if the tech didn’t exist, he knew he could build it – and so we did.

That’s where Lytehouse comes in. Lytehouse is creating a world where AI is monitoring your cameras 24/7, extracting the insights you need and giving humans the superpowers of proactive technology.


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